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Lease Option Empire
If You're a Real Estate Investor Wanting 
To Grow a Cash-Flowing Portfolio... 
Ready To Stop Chasing a Check 
and Start Building an Empire? 
As Featured On...
Get off the hamster wheel of chasing deals 
and build a portfolio of properties putting 
passive income in your pocket every month

Stop Chasing Rent from dead beat tenants who have no respect for the home

Imagine eliminating ongoing repair and maintenance costs about a boost to the bottom line

Turn any junker house into and asset that pays you FOUR separate times and Four separate ways over the life of one deal..

Build A Crash Proof Portfolio that will churn out cash no matter what the market is doing
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engineer your own Empire
See what Bill Dieters has to say about our program...
A Real Deal With Real Numbers
Flip Nerd Interview
Cash Flow = Freedom
Let's walk through a lease 
option house together
We thought it was crazy too...
Sound too good to be true? We thought so too until we tried lease options ourselves...

In the past 3 years since discovering this strategy, we've gone from struggling landlords chasing rent from deadbeat tenants to building a cash-flowing Real Estate Empire worth over 10 Million Dollars. 

From chaotically managing 5 properties and wanting to pull our hair out, to owning over 160 and having plenty of free time to enjoy life again

Lack of cash-flow is the #1 reason businesses fail. And most Investors think they have to pick between cash now, cash-flow, or cash later. But with this strategy, you can have all three at the same time. It allows you to turn any junker house into an ASSET that pays you 4 separate times in 4 different ways.

We'll show you how this surprisingly simple strategy eliminates ALL the major headaches and expenses of real estate: No Management Companies, No Agent Fees, No Holding Costs, No More Picky Buyers

This strategy works in buyer's and sellers markets and is the lowest risk investing strategy ever developed.

Even if you're an experienced investor...I guarantee this will be eye-opening for you...

WHOLESALERS: you'll make quick cash upfront and still sell the house as-is....but you get to keep the house, the cash-flow, and the big back end pay day

FLIPPERS: Do 5 times the number of deals with less work than 1 flip and make 50-100% more

LANDLORDS: Never pay for ongoing repairs and maintenance or a make-ready ever again! No more calls about leaky toilets on your properties and no need for a management company anymore.

Eliminate 90% of competition from other wholesalers, flippers, and 
real estate agents

Tap into a motivated buyer pool 
few investors know exist

Save 20% on taxes on 
each deal vs flipping

One deal pays you again & again: Cash Now, Cash-Flow, Cash Later
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We’ll hop on a call to help you
engineer your own Empire
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